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“Train like an athlete” Workout Program

$49.00 $30.00


  • 8-week complete training program
  • Ultimate full-body program based on real-life results AthleteTrain-X founder Dominique experienced
  • Perfect for people with an average to an advanced fitness background

What to expect and what’s included

  • 4 workouts per week
    • Warmup
    • Workout
    • Cardio
  • Each week gets progressively harder, the workouts slightly change each week
  • Basic fitness nutrition guideline to help you recover like an athlete. as well as supplement guidance
  • No B.S. safe & proven supplement guideline
  • Access to videos, descriptions, and form tips for exercises through AthleteTrain-X and it’s partners.
  • Support and accountability from Dominique & team
  • Entire plan will come in one easy to read PDF


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